Good news, everyone!

A. Hammer Mastering is expanding! Introducing, A. Hammer Annex for Voice-overs and more!

When we brought A. Hammer Mastering to its current location at Secret Studios in 2003, it was our hope to include the world of voice-overs in our services--recording and editing VO’s using internal and outside talent, narration, ADR work, and more. However, the reality was the Mastering studio environment (Gary’s primary focus for almost 40 years), didn’t lend itself properly for that kind of work to be done in a professional manner. Since that is the only way we work, that part of the business was put aside.

But NOW, in the room right next door, we are taking the opportunity to build out A. Hammer Annex--a new facility whose focus will be voice-overs, overdubs, ADR, podcasts, and video and audio editing. In concert with the Mastering suite next door, A. Hammer Annex will provide first-class quality sound for your commercial, film, game, podcast, multimedia and Internet audio projects. 

And of course, A. Hammer Mastering will continue its highly rated menu of mastering services in its current location. 40 Years of Ears- A Musical Approach to a Technical Art!  

The A. Hammer Annex will open Summer 2024- please contact us below to arrange for a tour and a conversation. We look forward to serving you!

For further info please contact us: